Founded in 2020, the Berlin-based company's mission is to enable all investors to access the stock markets and make informed investment decisions by providing a trusted platform to connect with friends, family and verified investors and exchange ideas. The app helps everyone to not only manage their investment, but also make informed financial decisions, and this for free, as we strongly believe that knowledge should be accessible to all.

the social investment platform —

Industry: Fintech
Type: Social Media | E-mail Marketing | Landing Pages | Product | Rebranding (coming soon)
Team: Growth team | Marketing Design
Copywriting: Anna Eliseeva
Year: 2021 - 2023     

Performance Marketing —
Conceptualization and production of creatives for digital paid ads: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google App Campaigns.

Apple App Store and Google Play Store —
Creative visual assets with the the goal of increasing brand visibility.

Landing pages SEO —
getquin website and subpages EN & DE

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