Service: Editorial Design, Book Design, Print Production
Designers: Melissa Gómez
Year: 2020

Food serves as a social opportunity —

Over the Dinner Table is a book that revolves around food serves as a social opportunity. It tackles the importance of dinner as a social engagement where people are open to debate, dialogue, and change. Many decisions that had enormous historical consequences have been made over the dinner table, and have been accompanied, and perhaps influenced, by copious amounts of food and wine. The book does this throw 9 chapters and an essay. Each chapter covers every detail, character, decision, and morsel which decided the course of history.

The book faces the absolute act of eating together, where big conversations were had, movements were sparked, presidents made or defeated, or even inventing new TV shows.
Through the content, of the book, it explores decadence, survival, love, forgiveness, and heck, a bit of humility, all play roles in what makes a dinner to remember. Besides the dinners, the books also talk about, why food is so important in our social landscape, and how sharing food has always been part of the human story. It’s a worldview and a style thought about sociology, history, art, cultural criticism, politics, and food.

At what point during the meal does it become evident that something extraordinary is brewing, and can any on the guests foresee the momentousness of the occasion?

Each chapter promotes that, while eating dinner is in itself, an ordinary ritual, there are just a few dinners that mad for extraordinary legends. As a result, the book is devoted to answering how does the food serves as a reflection of, or foil to, the history-making consequences of the meal?

Over the Dinner Table objective is to render the big picture of the topic, represented through the entirety of the book. This is achieved through the light-hearted design and short narratives. That allows the book to have two different designs. It aims to highlight the most important sentences of each chapter, giving the reader a more simple approach to the topic.