A magazine for the blooming youth —

Service: Publication Design, Art Direction, Print Production
Designers: Desislava Danova & Melissa Gómez
Year: 2020

Mayflower is an independent publication that provides a platform to voice the personal narratives of creatives in the search to define the meaning of youth. A moment in time which is not purely reserved for the young, but as well for those who feel youthful by heart, those who still explore, thrive, and grab from life with both hands open.

We do this through an eclectic selection of essays, articles, and photo reports. In each issue, Mayflower approaches a differenangle on the topic of everlasting adolescence, spanning from the pure definition of youthfulness, to its state of mind, to young love.

Issue 01 faces the absolute definition of youth, the restlessness, and hopefulness attached to it.

Through the content, we explore the tender age where people construct the notion of self, influenced by peers, lifestyle, and culture. We traverse the hedonistic fearlessness that defines every visceral reaction of that time.

Mayflower’s objective of rendering the complexity of the topic is represented through the entirety of the publication. This is achieved through the use of one main rule – the content leads the design, rather than the other way around. We are open and understanding of what each piece needs to shine. A concept we have spread across all content and issues.

The use of design elements such as stickers collages, scans, and overlays give the current issue a nod to our own adolescence, our sense of freedom, of being unburdened, playful, and excited about life.
We believe in the honesty and transparency of our work. Thus we have chosen a diverse selection of contributors, each stating their own point of view regarding the topic. Mayflower does not impose a voice upon its contributors. We have remained neutral, giving a platform for truthfulness. All pieces featured in the magazine promote individuality in a human-centered way.

The projects was created as part of a master degree, not intended for commercial use.
All images and texts used belong to their rightful owners.