Our passage through space has become transient —
Service: Publication Design, Art Direction, Print Production, Photography
Designers: Melissa Gómez & Nirzar Pangarkar
Photography: Ana Teresa Costa, Melissa Gómez & Nirzar Pangarkar
Year: 2020

We live in a state of flux, transiting the spaces between and within urban centers, constantly moving towards opportunity.  It marks a new nomadism where even those born and raised in a city will find themselves shifting between this neighborhood and that, into the outskirts, then back to the center, with the impermanence of each situation being the only constant.

Modern urban life has forgotten to the separation between being from and living in.

It’s an environment in which alienation thrives and constants are manufactured artificially.

The places where we live, work, and entertain have become filled with identical comforts – white walls, vintage furniture, hanging plants, a singular culture emerging to compensate for the eradication of the unique.  The identities once painted onto cities and neighborhoods dissolve in the process.

The projects was created as part of a master degree, not intended for commercial use.
All images and texts used belong to their rightful owners.